About us

We are a family company based in Estarreja dedicated to the commercialization of fruits and vegetables and other food products.
With more than 100 employees, we work daily to be a reference company at national and international level in our sector, due to the maximum quality of the products we have and excellence in the service provided.


We choose products directly from the producer to the consumer.

Fruit shop

Our fruit shops receive fresh fruits and vegetables selected every day with all the rigor to guarantee the quality that our customers deserve. We have 13 fruit shops at your disposal from north to center of the country.


Recently, we bet on a new project that combines the part of the fruit shop with cafeteria, restaurant and take-away. In Estarreja, you can visit us and enjoy a cozy space, ideal for having your breakfast. And yet, with a daily meal service and a wide variety of grills that you can take home and delight in its flavor.

Comércio Grossista

Diariamente, recebemos várias toneladas de produtos frutícolas e hortícolas no nosso armazém com o máximo rigor e qualidade para que cheguem a todos os nossos pontos de venda e clientes, quer nacionais, quer internacionais com a maior frescura.

Biological Tips

"When the change changes, the cherry is already red" - Portuguese popular proverb

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